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Winter Wonderland-
Winter Wonderland-"BOBBY" Ashton Drake-Doll-1993-Hippensteel-Heritage Collection
Ashton Drake Galleries Joys of Summer Porcelain Doll
Ashton Drake Galleries Joys of Summer Porcelain Doll "Tickles"
1994 Ashton Drake Little Bo Peep Doll, Wendy Lawton's Nursery Rhyme Collection
1994 Ashton Drake Little Bo Peep Doll, Wendy Lawton's Nursery Rhyme Collection
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10" ASHTON DRAKE BABY "CELEBRATION OF LIFE EMMY"   Gene Doll - HAT ONLY from the Bon Voyage Outfit   Ashton Drake? - Gene? White Sun Hat with Pink Ribbon & Flowers   Ashton Drake? - Gene? Black Sun Hat   Jolee Beautiful OOAK and Rare Violet Repaint   Ashton Drake Galleries 1996 Baby Girl Doll Squirt Complete Original Outfit   DOLL PORCELAIN BABY BOY TICKLES 1992 KATHY BARRY-HIPPENSTEEL JOYS of SUMMER VTG   10" ASHTON DRAKE BABY "GOD KEPT HIS PROMISE AND BROUGHT YOU HOME"   10 Assorted Color 6-Inch Snakeskin Doll Belts for Gene or Plus-Sized Barbie   Ashton Drake Galleries,Handcrafted Porcelain Doll,Certified (Pooh U Need A Hug)   1996 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'PIN-UP' BRUNETTE #E09127   1997 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'MIDNIGHT ROMANCE' BLONDE   1997 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'GENE IN MONACO' BRUNETTE WHITE WEDDING DRESS   1997 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'SPARKLING SEDUCTION'' BLONDE #FL0155   1997 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'ICED COFFEE' #H09413   1997 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'WHITE HYACITH'' BRUNETTE   1996 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'BLUE GODDESS' BLONDE #D14876   1998 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'DESTINY' BLONDE #018870   1995 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'RED VENUS' REDHEAD #B12584   1997 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'BIRD OF PARADISE' BLONDED #M02896   1998 PORCELAIN 'GENE' DOLL 'CHAMPAGNE SUPPER' REDHEAD #Y05765   Yolanda's Bello Picture Perfect Babies - Jessica Doll-Seventh in the series -   We're all knit together. Ashton Drake Gallery teddy bears.   Dynasty Dolls Collection "I Can Do It Mommy"   Avon Style Shinney gold shirt and pants outfit L   Ashton Drake Doll Pollyanna 4969A 14" Book Stand Doll no basket   ASHTON DRAKE SO TRULY REAL NEWBORN BABY DOLL-SO TIRED IS LITTLE TAYLOR-MIB-COA   Ashton Drake Knowles China Porcelain Matthew Picture Perfect Babies Sailor Doll   ASHTON DRAKE SO TRULY REAL NEWBORN BABY DOLL-WELCOME HOME BABY EMILY-21"-COA   ASHTON DRAKE-SO TRULY REAL NEWBORN BABY DOLL-LITTLE LAUREN-MIB-COA-16"   ASHTON DRAKE-SO TRULY REAL -DONT CRY LITTLE KAITLYN-BABY DOLL-MIB-COA-16"   Ashton Drake Little Crystal Doll "Feeding Myself" Retired   Set of 11 Yolanda Bello Mini Dolls Adorable   Ashton-Drake Galleries Hannah's Homecoming 16' Porcelain Doll in Pink   NICOLETTE, BY GABY RADEMANN, YEAR 1991, CERTIFICATE NO. 1090AC   ASHTON DRAKE-SO TRULY REAL BABY DOLL-LITTLE NATALIE IS A NATURAL-MIB-COA-16"   Porcelain Doll Ashton-Drake "Halloween's Little Devil" Taz   Porcelain Doll Ashton-Drake "Surrender Your Candy, Earthling!" Looney Tunes